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jungle fever, user’s guide, map, multilingual

42 pages, full color digital print on cyclus paper, soft cover,
stapled with folded A3 doublesided color map - 4th edition. £7

JUNGLE FEVER is a pocket-sized travel companion with accompanying map, existing somewhere between a guide and a manifesto to our own private jungle.
JUNGLE FEVER is tightly edited, discreetly packaged with a map and can be used whenever you would like to get the satisfaction that you have seen and done all that you could and perhaps even more.

It comes as a 42 pages user’s guide in three languages (English, German and French, proposing destinations, activities and excursions for short ballades or 8-hour and 24-hour journeys. The instructions can be followed literally, metaphorically or poetically, and the accompanying map can refer equally to the body, the mind or the environment as potential sites of exploration.

MOItravel inc. first and second edition designed by David Rule
Translation by Marcus Kaiser (German), E Waeckerle and Danielle Pailler (French)
Thanks to Hubert for his unwavering support

bought in 2013 by Tate Britain collection and Poetry Library.

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