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JUNGLE FEVER (wish you were here)
London, Beirut, Singapore, Dusseldorf, Munich, Ahmedabad, Neufelden, Athens…

2011 - current

JUNGLE FEVER (wish you were here) represents a series of site-specific collective exploration of the everyday. JUNGLE refers to an interior or exterior landscape and FEVER to a heightened state of mind conducive to play or introspection.
JUNGLE FEVER promotes the importance of play, not just play for its own sake, but playing as an act of resistance, playing seriously and creatively to re-think the here and now, to reclaim it from politicians, bankers and city planners.

“ Leisure will have an important role in society... The role of the artist is to promote the creative use of leisure and creativity as a way of life, but also as a weapon against alienation”. Robert Filliou, Teaching and learning as performing art, 1970.

The JUNGLE FEVER user guide, 42 pages in three languages (English, German and French) proposes destinations, activities, short ballades and 8 or 24 hour journeys. The instructions can be followed literally or metaphorically, the accompanying map refers equally to one's mind or surroundings as potential sites of exploration.

The project was initiated in 2011 as an attempt to reclaim Leisure from the Tourism industry, while borrowing some of their strategies. The project has evolved in response to what participants contributed along the way, mementos and insights that are feeding through future manifestations of the project. It is now more concerned with a broader engagement with the everyday, advocating an active rather than a passive or consuming attitude.

(wish you were here) is a growing archive of traces gathered along the way since the first destination in London in April 2011 - participants’ snapshots, home movies, diaries and postcards. It will, (at some point) be gathered as a website.

MOItravel Inc.
Project partly funded by UCA research fund.

JUNGLE FEVER (wish you were here) in London
JUNGLE FEVER (wish you were here) in Beirut
JUNGLE FEVER (wish you were here) in Singapore
JUNGLE FEVER (wish you were here) in Dusseldorf
JUNGLE FEVER (wish you were here) in Munich
JUNGLE FEVER (wish you were here) in Ahmedabad
JUNGLE FEVER (wish you were here) in Neufelden

JUNGLE FEVER posters, JUNGLE FEVER postcards, JUNGLE FEVER user's guide
See a few JUNGLE FEVER video clips



JUNGLE FEVER (wish you were here) in London 

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