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Jeux de bouches in St Yrieix la Perche
Social experiment and mini festival

February 2008

The aim of the project (a partnership with JPF cultural centre, CDLA (center for artists books) and the city council of St yrieix la perche) was to bring together the various cultural, social and educational structures of a small city to work together with invited artists around a common theme – the mouth organ.

Jeux de bouches was the concluding weekend bringing together cooking and writing, eating and speaking, digesting and listening, all fascinating activities essential to French living but rarely celebrated.
The project consisted of an exhibition, a street parade of more than 200 hungry mouths, a public banquet and 2 evening of performances; the first one including the performing of Cornelius Cardew “the great Learning paragraph 3 “ lead by Sebastian Lexer. with local volunteers, musicians, and members of the local choir and the music school; in the second the various artists involved revealed their masterful and sometimes peculiar use of the voice; from chanson française, poetry, cabaret, improvisation, electronic and interactive composition to dadaesque sound poetry.

Participating Artists
Gregory Aymar (Limoges), Jaap Blonk (Holland), Greg Gilg,(Grenoble), Marc guillerot, (Limoges), Thomas Pailler, (Paris), Sebastian Lexer (UK), VINST (virtual world)

Local structures taking part
La luette agile, Méliscènes, l’Ecole intercommunale de danse et de musique Alexandre Ducasse , l’Union musicale de Saint-Yrieix, l'Ensemble vocal de Saint-Yrieix, Rhythm’O pays de Saint-Yrieix, l’Office du tourisme de Saint-Yrieix, la bibliotheque municipale de St Yrieix, les écoles de la Communauté de communes du pays de Saint-Yrieix, Batucada Koyam de Jumilhac

See Jeux de bouches (the great learning) in moving images / video

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