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The two virgins of St Yrieix la Perche
Les deux vierges de St Yrieix la Perche

12/12 volume one

Edition of 12 - £25
12 lose double sided photographs and a text piece contained in a folded 300 grams archival Arche paper cover - size A5 - Inkjet print on archival and acid free double sided fine art paper 220 grams.

This is the first volume of the 12/12 series of handmade publications, 12 books of 12 images each, which are based upon my compulsion for repetitive image making.
Volume one brings together one year of photographing two statues from the same French town every month. I like the fact that it takes more than a year to take a photograph.

Over the past few years I have been working on a personal index of my digital photography, ending up with a growing number of collections and series of pictures bringing together similar images of the same object, theme or scenery. To name a few, words, French dishes, camera flares, roads, country art, family ties, mother, hats, porcelain, friends, the two virgins, red, beauty of failure…. The 12/12 series has a dual purpose, to display but also to archive my collections of repetitive images.

Bought in 2009 bookRoom collection



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